Lunch With The Past

Special Israel Edition

Today’s plans were scrapped in favor of a more relaxed schedule and some time to have some time. It was a simple day actually, Dave and Mary Jo went with Rena to visit areas of Tel Aviv and Jaffa, and Ahna, Ezra, and I went to have lunch with my Grandmother….but it wasn’t that ‘normal.’

We used the opportunity to meet up with one of my Mom’s long-time friends, and fellow tennis player, Paulina. You may remember Paulina’s husband, Eli, from previous postings about this trip. Paulina and my Mom went from Israel together to the US to play tennis, and the person who helped arrange the first trip to a camp in Pennsylvaia was someone named Marcy. Marcy happened to be in Israel for a family event, and we happened to have the opportunity to have her join us for lunch today. It was a special thing to meet the person responsible for brining my Mom to the US, and therefore everything else that has happened since then. Marcy and Paulina are both wonderful people, and it was a pleasure to share a meal with them today.



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