Walk This Way

Special Israel Edition

Today was a perfect vacation day….the beach this morning for a swim with the jellyfish (stings all around), a quite lunch, a visit with a good friend, a nice afternoon nap, and an enjoyable evening for drinks at the seashore (Ahna and Oren with Yuval and Sivan…we left Ezra with Dave, Mary Jo, and Rena).

Now to some Ezra news – afterall this is the purpose of this blog, right? About two weeks ago he started taking a step or two on his own; but in the last two days, he has really taken off on the adventure of walking. He is moving more and more confidently on his own, and his leaving things (like the table) to go somewhere that he wants to. I think that his range is approaching about 10 feet, so still not leaving the room, but that ain’t far away. It’s been really fun to be able to share this new achievement with Dave, Mary Jo, and the family in Israel. It’s really cool to see the newfound ability change and develop daily hourly, I suppose that it’s only a matter of time now.

The first is a picture from this morning’s nap, then a video of the walking.



  1. Aunt April says:

    He’s adorable!! Good job Oren and Ahna! He’s had a terrific first year and what a great way to celebrate it…in Israel! I’ll bet his great Grandmother is thrilled with him! It looks like everyone is having a great vacation! Post more photos!

  2. Happy Father’s Day Oren!!!!!

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