Moving Forward With Life

One of Ezra’s 1st birthday presents that Ahna and I were looking forward to the most was moving his car seat to a forward facing position. We had decided to wait until we got back from Israel in case he enjoyed the move so much that we wouldn’t sleep (which we didn’t want to happen when naps would be at such a premium on the vacation). Well, Tuesday was the day…Ahna’s car got it first, then mine a day or two later. Ezra loves it! We looks around, smiles, and hangs out staring outside or into the rear view mirror. We love it because it seems to have opened up all sorts of space in the car, and we can see Ezra and what he is up to – such a strange feeling to look into the mirror and see him. The only downside is when he tosses something (book, water, pacifier, etc) it goes directly to the floor and not to a place where he might easily get it back. The biggest bonus for us has been taking him in and getting him out of the car: much, much easier.

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