Plans 95% Completed – No Photos

So I lied about getting some photos of the ‘plans’ from last week on the site. Just didn’t happen. We spent three days cleaning out and reorganizing our crawl space and garage. We added some lights down there, we added some shelves in both places, and we got rid of a ton of stuff. The events concluded with a garage sale last Friday – which turned out to be mostly successful. All leftover items were taken to Goodwill. The last 5% is just three or four things to go through and figure out where to put – and one item to repair and bring into the house. The trick now will be getting that last part done…it seems like this is one of those things that we will wake up one day and it’ll be three years since we cleaned out the garage and that stuff is still sitting there.


  1. So inspiring with your optimism…
    It was great to see you on Sunday, though brief. I hope you have a fabulous family reunion in the midwest!

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