Photo Update

First, here is the photo (although smaller, because it wasn’t e-mailed to me as promised…I had to steal it from another blog….Tori!!) from the Columbine House family reunion last weekend.

Secondly, here are some pictures from a fire that we had at work on Thursday afternoon. Super crazy story as to how it happened….a Park/Rec employee was filling a golf cart with fuel when static buildup from the filling process caused a fire. His shirt caught on fire, he ran. The fire then spread to the golf cart, and to the pickup (which was about 50 feet from the building). As the worker ran away, the fire burned through the brake lines in the truck, and the truck rolled down the hill and into the building. When it hit the building, it ran into the gas meter and that started some small explosions….catching the building on fire. Wew.

07-19-09 reunion-773697


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