So after spending a day and a half at the farm, it was time to head back towards the cities….oh, did I mention the weather? It has been nothing short of remarkable. Daytime highs in the mid-70’s, wind, a little clouds, and a rain drop or three. IE: not what you would expect in this area at this time of the year. It certainly made everything a little less sweaty, sort of.

Matthew needed to be back in the cities for some business, so we took this opportunity to spend a little extra time with them, as well as with Grandma and Grandpa. On Monday afternoon we headed over to the Como Park Zoo to visit with the animals for a little while. It’s a zoo and conservatory in the middle of Como Park, and is free (donation recommended) to all comers. It was a real pleasent stroll around the grounds, and we ended in the butterfly building – and we can now attest to the fact that you can in fact have thousands of butterflies in a small area. They were everywhere; landing on us, on the ground, on the camera lens, etc. Of course, they make good photography subjects, and they made me want a longer/macro lens….


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