The Falls That Weren’t

During our last few hours in the city, we had the opportunity to eat at an amazing little cafe in St. Paul and play in a park in Minneapolis. The cafe is named Trotter’s Cafe and is a delicious spot in a cool neighborhood in the city….highly recommended if you are in the area. The park is Minnehaha Park and is famous for it’s waterfalls and house that mark the start of the current city of Minneapolis. Only catch is that there isn’t any water going over the falls…sort of like someone turned it off. The rumor is that the area is in a drought – which when you come from Colorado and see everything so green, is really hard to believe….but whatever. We enjoyed walking around and playing on the swings before grabbing a little ice cream snack on the way to the airport.

There is a video attached to this posting where you can watch Ezra in is never ending attempts at perfecting walking – and new this past week has been his ability to stand back up on his own.



  1. Cut me some slack…a very busy week, problems with the computer, and rolling out of town for my sister’s wedding. I don’t have internet for my computer, and the excuses continue… Glad you got the “fake” picture from my blog. Since you are the only one who reads it, you’re the only one who has gotten copies.

    Glad to see and read the travels have been fun…even a little excitement at work before you left. Phew! We get back on Monday, and we’ll have to make plans to get together. Loveyoumeanit….

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