MusicFest (Oh Yea, Some Ezra Stuff Too)

The last couple of days have been really busy…work for Oren, Ahna returned to work to start the school year, and Ezra therefore returned to daycare. Ezra has also been busy developing his walk-ability, and can easily squat and pick something up, stands up at the top of the stairs and takes off, and tonight even did a step completely standing up.

His vocabulary seems to be growing hourly, and he is now doing a great job of associating words with the pictures….he throws in noises to match: ‘roar’ for a lion, ‘chug’ for a train, ‘vroom’ for a car, ‘moo’ for a cow. Yesterday morning he started saying ‘hello’ to people instead of his normal ‘hi,’ and he is saying ‘bye-bye’ while waving when we leave someone behind. ‘Mommy’ and ‘Daddy’ are favorites for both him and us, and he started counting last week in Minnesota: ‘One, Two,’ but can’t make it beyond the #2 yet.

Today was a fun day hanging out in town: farmer’s market this morning (with dinner made from stuff bought at the market: wild mushroom and artichoke pasta), and then a Musicfest this evening. The weather was amazing – vests needed – and we made some good friends with the people that we sat next to, who also had a young child. We shared stories, books, and snacks for the kids while we listened to some good music.

Disclaimer: all photos in this post taken with a camera phone. They also were taken sitting down, as I was too lazy to stand up for a picture (which meant that I would have had to leave the margarita behind).


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