Eggs Benedict

Yes, we did go and see ‘Julie and Julia’ while we had a date-day yesterday.

Yes, the movie was entertaining.

Yes, it did re-energize the desire to try to make hollandaise sauce.

Yes, it was successful.

Yes, it did use a lot of pots and pans to make Avocado Eggs Benedict.

Yes, hollandaise sauce is very needy in the cooking phase.

Yes, it is worth it.

Yes, there will be more to come.

Yes, Yes.



  1. Jennifer and I totally enjoyed the flick, too. How fun, right! Your avo-bennies look delicious – next family dinner? loveyoumeanit

  2. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Looks delicious! Will you make the recipe for us sometime?
    We hope to go see the movie soon.

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