Big White Clouds

Talking with Ezra and listening to what he has to say is like looking at a big white cloud and imagining what shapes are being made. There are times now when complete conversation is taking place: we will talk, he will say something. He will ask a question, we will respond. He will make a point about something, and we will agree/disagree. Only thing is that the vast amount of that conversation is taking place in some weird world were we don’t understand anything and he is completely engaged.

To be sure, he is saying a lot more words now and is definitely telling us something – it’s just that we have no idea what it is. There are times when we hear something that sounds a lot like a word or phrase, and it’s in context, and Ahna and I look at each other in amazement….”did you just hear that?” Alas, there is no proof that what we just heard is what we thought we heard; it’s not like he is running around from that moment forward saying that word or phrase in context.

I imagine what he must be thinking when he is trying to tell us something but we give him the “oh yea?!” or the “I don’t know what you want” or the “your absolutely right” replies that are completely out of context for him. Then I wonder if he thinks in the same mumble/garble that he talks with. Wow, that would be weird. Actually, come to think of it….isn’t that what we all do?


  1. Wow…you’re getting really deep! I think it is fun to imagine, too, and I bet Ezra really wants to tell you what amazing parents you are!

  2. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    We remember that Ezra was having “conversations” with us earlier in the summer too! It is amazing!

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