At The Park

For some reason, I haven’t been taking too many pictures of Ezra recently….so I made a commitment that I would bring the camera to the park the next time that we were there (today) and take too many pictures. Besides, I wanted to try out the new lens that I got on Craigslist the other day (Sigma 18-200 OS).

Oh, the big one that you see….might be one of the top 5 pictures ever taken of Ezra – if I do say so myself.



  1. Look at those teeth! You are wonderful for posting such stunning work. This is one field that even the greatest technology can’t replace the skill of the photographer and the grace of the subject. Looks like fun…

  2. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Probably closer to #1 than top 5. Wonderful.

  3. ezra has been wallpapered on my computer (with the say anything shirt), and the ezra peeking through is at my desk and on the fridge at home…adorable! missing him, you & ahna.


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