Poison Control

On on of this past weekend mornings Ezra and I were enjoying some nice early quiet time (read: he woke up really early and we let Ahna sleep in a bit). Sometime during the time we had together, I went upstairs to the kitchen and to do my morning reading on the computer, and Ezra played by himself. Really well in fact. So well, that I peered down after a while to see what he was up to. When I looked down into the living room, I saw that Ezra had completely emptied Ahna’s purse and was going after something else in there….I hurried downstairs only to be greeted by a boy that was having a blast, but was covered in something that he shouldn’t have been covered it. The investigative hunt was on.

I knew the following: it came from Ahna’s purse. It was smeared all around his mouth, indicating that he ate some of it. It was smeared all over his shirt and pants, indicating that it drooled out of his mouth. It smelled vaguely familiar, yet I was unable to identify it. All of the tops to lotions and soaps were still on.

I found out the following after some CSI-level inspection: he ate at least one and no more than three Zicam tablets (I was able to find the open bottle and the uneaten tablets on the ground). I woke Ahna up and passed Ezra to her for while I made the phone call to poison control. Only one problem….we didn’t have that number handy. I can now tell you that as fast as the internet is, at times like these it seems really slow and uneasy to use. We eventually found it, and talked with the hotline finding out that Zicam is completely benign and non-poisonous. The worst that we would see is an upset stomach. The best that we would see is an immunity to the cold for a few days (just kidding).

He seems to have no repercussions from eating the medicine, and I am sure that it won’t be the last time that we have to make that phone call. Oh, the number in case you need it: 800-222-1222.



  1. Phew! You guys have really been busy in the last few weeks. My mom loves to tell the story about how the doctor told my mom to have lots of syrup of ipecac on hand for my sister, and sure enough, once she got a mouth full after swallowing who knows what…Oh kids and the things they’ll stick in their mouth! Have fun with that one…

  2. Dave, Gina, & Zachary says:

    One of the things I enjoy about your blog is that it is educational. =) I wrote down the poison control number and posted it on the refrigerator. We fortunately have not needed it yet, but you never know!

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