Through The Leaves

Special Wisconsin Edition

In the LaCrosse area, the leaves were in various stages of falldom. On the west side of the Mississippi, the leaves on the bluffs were absolutely spectacular. On the east side of the river, the leaves were a little less vivid. In the yard, there were lots of leaves on the ground. The area with the leaves on the ground is the area where Ezra seemed to find his particular liking of the fall events. Running, tossing, playing, crunching….you know, all of the joys of playing in the leaves (until at some age you realize that someone is going to have to rake all of them up, and you realize this when it’s you that will have to do the raking). Anyhow, the fun couldn’t be stopped, and the photos prove it.



  1. Awesome pictures! I wish we could have been there.

  2. Ooooh….dreamy! Oren, you have to put that terrible spin on the beautiful fun?? I got to rake leaves last Wednesday and thoroughly enjoyed it!

  3. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    We have great memories playing in the leaves with all of you! The pictures turned out great too!

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