October Snow

It normally snows here in October (we even posted pictures from mid-Sept a few weeks ago) but to get a storm the size of the one that we have just received is a rarity. Since Tuesday night, we have gotten 26 inches in Castle Rock and the wind is producing drifts that are topping 4 feet.

I had the fortune of being at work on Tuesday and Wednesday and responding to all sorts of traffic accidents caused by questionable driving in the weather. Ahna had the fortune of experiencing two consecutive snow days (which is even more of a rarity than the storm itself) and has been mostly cooped up in the house with Ezra. They did venture outside for a while yesterday afternoon, and everyone quickly realized that even an inch or three of snow is enough to trip up Ezra. He had a mostly good time exploring around, but the cold forced them in after only about 20 minutes.

We had the opportunity to spend the day together today and ventured out once for lunch and some errands. Otherwise, it’s been hang out inside and hope that we can find enough things to do to avoid driving each other crazy.

The photos of Ezra playing were taken on Ahna’s cell phone, and the big one below is our best impromptu impersonation of a picture from the book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.



  1. Oh…how sweet! Now I want to go get the book.

  2. great googily..is that a walking pumpkin or a hat?

  3. Finally! I’ve been waiting for pictures of the snow!

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