A Day Out At The Bass Pro Shop

What a better place for grandparents to take a little hippie than to the Bass Pro Shop! šŸ™‚ Ezra’s Saba and Savta took him for the better part of the day, which included a trip to the north part of Denver and the hunting, fishing, camping and boating superstore. In reality, the place apparently has a lot of fun things to do including playing with R/C trucks, watching model trains, playing with slot cars, sitting on ATVs, enjoying getting outfitted for a backpacking trip, discovering what a fish-finder is and finding child size camping chairs. The best part? The nap that comes afterwards.


  1. Ha ha…How fun!! I admit that I have been entertained there myself when Tom’s parents came to town last Spring. I am sure the wonderment of a nearly 18 month old is much more fascinating to watch than that of my own, but do you know how many mounts they have?

  2. Tori

    Guessing there were about 125 mounts?


  3. zukowskico says:

    This pictures is ADORABLE! I mean it ADORABLE!!!!! Enjoy these moments, he is soooo cute!

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