Move Update And More

I suppose that you figured out by now that they lack of posts in the past few days is directly proportional to the amount of time carrying boxes from one house to another. We moved! It’s about 98% done…just a few things to still pick up at the other house and a bit of cleaning to do before calling it all good. It’s a really nice thing that we have no time pressure to get that stuff done, so free time over the next week will be spent at the old place.

Quick digression to Friday night: the first night of Hanukkah. We spent the evening down at my parent’s house enjoying a meal of homemade latkes. We were joined by Bob and Leslie (neighbors of my parents) and enjoyed a lot of good conversion, excellent food, and gift giving. Bob and Leslie brought along a new menorah – a fire truck – and it was joined by two other family menorahs to create quite the light display. The new fire truck menorah is great….partially because it’s a fun part of a fun holiday, and mostly because it’s a ladder truck.

Ah, Saturday. The day of the big move. Let’s keep this simple: we have amazing friends that brought amazing amounts of energy. Troy, Joe, Jason, , Mike, Geoff, Justin, Jennifer, Tori, Tom, and Mom and Dad all worked their butts off to move us to the new place. We were expecting to be able to move just the big pieces in the few hours that we asked for. Instead, we were able to move almost everything. It was great. We spent the better part of the evening doing what people do when they arrive at a new place: unpack.


  1. Dave and Mary Jo says:

    Sounds and looks like you had a great Hanukkah celebration!!

  2. Wonderful to hear about the Hanukkah celebration.
    Please e-mail your new address so we can send you a holiday card.

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