The Great Unpacking

Let the events begin.

Sunday brought along a nice interlude for Ezra: Olivia. Olivia is a daughter of a friend who came down and spent the mid-day hanging out and playing with Ezra. The two of them played in Ezra’s new playroom for the better part of 4 hours, with a lunch break sandwiched in there. While the two of them hung out, Ahna and I worked on the kitchen…and got it completely set and ready to go. It was a lot of fun to find new places for things and to set out the place with space as an actual option…not to cram as much stuff into a corner as possible.

After spending 24 hours in the new house, all of our dreams about what this place will bring to us have come to fruition (we will see how those fare over the course of time): Ezra is loving the new space. We are loving the new space. The opportunities to all be together have multiplied exponentially by having a more open floor plan. The kitchen is great. The garage and basement are great. The bedrooms are great, and the master bath is perfect. So far, so great.

The interfaithness of our house took center stage tonight as we hosted a candle lighting and music fest celebrating the third night of Hanukkah. After a quick bite to eat, the three of us headed out and got our first Christmas tree in the new place. We were able to set it up and decorate it with lights before calling it a day. PS – some trees don’t fit into the old school tree stands – even 6ft ones. And sometimes you are lucky with the local hardware store only has one tree stand left, and it happens to fit your new tree with the only-slightly oversized trunk.


  1. Beautiful! I must admit I have a bit of house envy. Oh to live in a brand new house. . . Congratulations!

  2. What? It doesn’t look anything like it did on Saturday! Good work!

  3. road2emmaus says:

    We’ve enjoyed all the pictures that you have sent of the house but we especially enjoyed seeing your furniture in the living room! It’s home!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

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