Monkey Bizness

Just discovered this joint a few miles north of us (actually referred there by some friends, but today was our first visit) called Monkey Bizness. Wow, what a great concept: a hug play area for kids, with a coffee bar and snacks with free WIFI for the adults. It’s a little pricey – $7.50 – for each kid, but the parents don’t have to pay anything and still get to play right along side of your child if you please….or you can sit with some coffee and the internet.

I chose to play for a while, then sit back and let Ezra go. And boy, did he go. He quickly made friends with a few other kids and off they went. I did find out that if you want to watch your child’s climbing ability grow in front of your eyes, pair them up with an older kid that is happy to take yours where you wouldn’t dare. Then, sit back and watch the action. Big slides, cargo netting, tight tunnels, swings, climbing gyms, etc, etc, etc. Highly recommended, and it’s now on our ‘must return to’ list.

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