Ezra’s Purple/Brown Period

We trekked up to the Children’s Museum this morning and ran into an absolute buzzsaw of people. There was a free-day happening over at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, so it was my theory (completely wrong) that the museum might be a on the lighter side of the attendance scale. The result of all of those kids was Ezra being overwhelmed by the amount of people, the both of us being overwhelmed by the lack of space to actually do anything, and a force into trying something new.

About the only part of the entire museum where we could find our own space to do anything was in the painting area. We got there and I took off Ezra’s long sleeve shirt in the hopes of a little less possible paint transfer (it was worth it). I proceeded to ask Ezra if he was ready to paint; when I actually think I was asking myself that question….moments later he was wearing an apron/bib, holding two brushes, and painting on a piece of paper. It was cool and fun, and only resulted in minor paint-on-the-hands.

On another note and in another part of the museum, Ezra was getting gently pushed around and cornered (literally in the corner) by older kids. I stood back and watched for a while since nobody was getting hurt and just waited to see what Ezra was going to do. When the vast majority of the kids finally cleared out, Ezra headed for the button that he had been eyeing for some time. However, once he was there an older kid came and pushed Ezra out of the way so he could hit the button himself. Well, Ezra had had enough. He smacked the kid on the hand and said “No!”. The older kid walked away and Ezra was left to play all that he wanted with the button. I understand that ultimately this isn’t a behavior that you would like your kid to exhibit….but I have to admit that I was – against better judgement – a very proud parent. I hope that’s not too weird…


  1. Sweet artwork…what do you think he could do with orange and brown? Hmmm….

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