It’s A Zoo Out There

A nice day squeezed in between several super windy and chilly days equalled a trip to somewhere outside….and when I asked Ezra what he wanted to do, the reply was simple and to the point – “Animals!” We sauntered up to the zoo and happened upon an apparent secret of the place: the perfect hour to be there…it’s so perfect in fact, that I’m not telling you what it is (you’ll just have to come and visit the zoo with us to find out).

There was an intentional decision made to leave the big camera at home this time, primarily because I wanted to focus my time and energy on spending the adventure with Ezra…but I have to concede that I was bummed a time or two that I didn’t have the camera because the animals where in perfect position to become subjects of good photos (like I have never seen all of the big animals so photogenic before). Ah well, there is always next time.

Ezra seemed to enjoy seeing all of the animals that he frequently reads about, but we spent about the same amount of time looking at them in real life as he does in a book – seconds. What he really wanted to do was chase the birds. All over the place. He would giggle non-stop as he would run after one, and it would take off and land a few more feet away just so he could run after it again.

He was actually showing his belly button to this goose...moments before the chase

And the chase is now officially on.

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