The Second Hair Cut

We do understand that once things have been done two, three, four, ten times, they will loose the fact that they are interesting or unique…so we will take advantage of the newness of this haircut while we can. I can’t promise that I won’t post pictures from every haircut (since this is a blog about Ezra being Ezra), but rest assured that as long as they are good photos, and he makes for a cute handsome subject, the pictures will appear.

For this haircut – he needed one, and we wanted one prior to his second birthday – we went up to Cyrilla’s salon in Lone Tree. We hooked him up with another trim w/out loosing the curls and cut off quite a bit of hair. Since Ahna wasn’t there at the beginning of the cut (still finishing her day at school), I tried convincing Cyrilla that we were going to shave Ezra’s head. Thankfully, she didn’t bite.

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