Birthday Party

Then the afternoon came. The party started out a little slow….does everyone now think that 20-30 late is the normal arrival time? Hmm, something to consider for the next party. Anyhow, the brothers from CRFD Station 4 stopped by to let Ezra spend  a little time on the engine. It was truly great for those guys to come by on their own (we didn’t ask them) and to give up part of their evening to spend a little time with Ezra and gang. While the trucks were here, the party goers started showing up, and the neighborhood kids hit the jealously button – many times.

It was a fun celebration of Ezra’s second birthday with a few friends and family. We decided not to make a big deal out of it and keep it manageable for all of us. Ezra had a great time hanging out with friends and discovering the new gifts that he received. Interestingly enough, he didn’t even try the cake – despite the fact that a piece of it sat in front of him for a while. Just not that interested.

The weather held out pretty nicely, and the house performed wonderfully in it’s first party-hosting duties. We are so blessed to have such great people surround us, and to have such an amazing child to keep us smiling!


  1. Oren and Ahna!!! I love this blog! Do you write it, Oren? I love it. Ezra is so beautiful and it’s so wonderful to hear how ya’ll are doing! Love ya’ll! Liv

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