Happy Birthday, Ezra!

This is technically his third birthday right? 1 – The day he was born. 2 – When he turned one. 3 – When he turns two. Sometimes I don’t understand numbers…or more specifically, how to count.

Officially, Ezra turned two almost three hours ago (as of this writing), but the big party won’t be until this afternoon. It’s so hard to believe that it’s been 730 days and nights since he came into our world. We feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to wake up a couple thousand times at night, to change a billion diapers, and to hand-catch several dozen throw-ups. It’s been pure joy to clean up after he runs from the bathtub and pees on the bookshelf in his room. We wouldn’t want to do anything else except scoop up half-chewed food from the floor, or have him sick in the middle of the night.

As cynical as that may sound, it’s all true. And every little smile or every time that he says words a certain way (ask him to say ‘salty), it makes every “argh!” moment disappear into thin air.



  1. Britta Fisher says:

    In Korea they count birthdays differently. You are 1 when you are born, so Ezra would be 3 today in Korea.

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