Tiny Town

There is is little place just as you enter the foothills west of Denver called Tiny Town. Oddly enough, the name alone is a good enough description of what the place is. It was created in 1915 from a collection of dollhouses and made into what it is today in 1930. There are some updates to building to modernize it (and for sponsorship purposes) including a Home Depot that is currently under construction; but there are also building still standing from it’s 1930 start date. Some buildings are for exploring, some just for looking…but the big attraction is the child-size train that loops the property. The train ride costs the same that it did 30+ years ago when it was installed. We rode it twice. Topped off by a picnic lunch that we brought along, it was a really fun outing on a tolerable outside day.

PS – this first photo is going down in my favorites file.

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