The County Fair, LaCrosse Style

After a week of a serious heat/humidity combination, the weather pattern finally broke following a massive series of thunderstorms. Unfortunately, that was after most of the rest of the family had to go about their own ways…but fortunately for us, it was just in time for the annual LaCrosse County Interstate Fair.

It was home to all of the typical county fair stuff, so no going into boring details there. Ezra did have the chance to see a sheep get sheared, meet a horse named Stella, and pet a couple of goats that were out on a walk. Perhaps most memorably, he got to ride his first amusement rides by himself. We started with the slide (something he really enjoyed last summer in Colorado), then headed to the fairly mellow car-go-round. Following that, we spotted a ride where Ezra would sit in a dragon and have a gentle ride in circles for a while. We opted to let him go by himself.

The ride started and immediately went a little faster and a lot higher than we thought it would (so much for scouting it out beforehand). Ahna and I both wondered out loud what we just did…but then the screaming, laughing, and smiling Ezra came flying around the bend….again, and again, and again. He LOVED it. After the dragon ride, we hit a similar ride that featured turtles, this time knowing what we were getting Ezra into. Guess what? He LOVED it. We are so proud of him for riding by himself and showing us what a big boy he is becoming.


  1. Garry (Saba) says:

    What a great week of fun and family…..and a great time was had by all!

    I am preparing the photo order now for lots of pictures

    The “Ezra +1” title change is neat too

  2. Holy buckets! For his next birthday, can we go to Lakeside? I ‘ve never been, but it sounds like Ezra might be up for the big one! How fun…

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