Douglas County Fair

The fair website lied to us this morning. It said that the carnival opened at 8am…turns out it doesn’t open until 10am. We got down there at 9 to hit the rides early – to no avail. However, the good-time-police granted us access to the fair for free (not collecting admission tix that early) and we found ourselves wandering into the line for a free pancake breakfast (something that is apparently an annual tradition, only discovered by us this year). Turns out we had a pretty good time.

We were able to see the early rounds of barrel racing, enjoyed the food, ran into some friends, wandered the animal barns, and found ourselves ready for the rides at 10 sharp. Oh, the other surprise? At $3 per ride per person, the rides are arguably more expensive than a major theme park. Ezra was able to hit a train-meets-flinstones ride, then we headed over for his very first roller coaster experience. After a little trepidation by his parents (aka: us), Ezra and I went on the dragon themed roller coaster – and had a lot of fun.


  1. road2emmaus says:

    Looks like you had fun! Brings back wonderful memories of going with the 3 of you to the La Crosse County Fair here in West Salem in July!!

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