And Four Makes A Gaggle

Hit the zoo this nice fall morning with some friends….Joe and Alissa along with their two kids: Barrett and Morgan; Chris and his son Ryan, and Ezra and I. It was exhausting and entertaining at the same time (which I am learning – at least at this age – is more and more about what parenting really means). We rented a wagon to truck around, with the kids taking turns sitting in it and snacking….Ryan and Ezra then surprised us by pulling Barrett along all by themselves all of the way to see the Zebras.

Oh the other picture is of the following exchange – completely unprompted. Me: “Ezra, where should we go next?” Ezra walks over to the wagon, pulls out the map, unfolds it, holds it upright, then says: “Uuummmm, let’s see. Let’s go to the tigers!”

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