The Train Driver

Halloween 2010 was a three day event for us….starting on Friday with a downtown Castle Rock event and concluding on Sunday night with Ezra running from door-to-door with reckless abandon trying to get that next piece of candy (although he actually doesn’t care too much about eating the candy, just obtaining it).

The Friday evening event was so-so. The so-good part was that there was something to do downtown that was kid-oriented and family fun. The so-bad part was that there was about 10 times too many kids walking on a pretty small sidewalk from shop to shop. The so-great part was that Nana was in town to visit and Ezra got his first candy collection with her by his side. It was Ezra’s first time really seeing anyone dressed up in costume (that he can remember), so when he first saw Buzz Lightyear and Woody walking around the park, he stood in shocked disbelief for 2 minutes. I think that he was just starting to get the hang of it all by the end of our time downtown, but he still would turn and stare whenever a character that he recognized would run past.

On Sunday night, Saba and Savta came over for some dinner and to hang out while we strolled around the neighborhood. Right at dusk, we headed out and knocked on our neighbor’s doors – and it took Ezra all of two doors to get the gist of what to do: “Trick-or-treat. Thank You.” Next home. He had a blast running around with some friends from the street and made sure to take account of how much candy he had gotten after each home.

When we returned home for the night, every time the doorbell rang Ezra would go running to answer it, ask the kids what they were dressed up as, and give each of them a single piece of candy…and occasionally sneak one into his pumpkin.


  1. tori vigil says:

    Glad there was some quality weather for this Halloween. We had five trick-or-treaters, and I trick or treated Daniel and Julie for a piece of candy. For as few houses as my nieces and nephews went to, they each had gallon ziploc bags stuffed to the brim with treats.

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