Winter’s First Showing

It came really late this year (average first snowfall is Oct 19), but it’s better late than never. One day, we had 70 degrees and sunny….the next brought temps in the 30’s and snow. The trace-2 inches that the esteemed forecasters called for materialized as 6 inches on the grass. Ezra and I took the opportunity to head outside and play around a little – and ever since we bought his snow shovel a couple of weeks ago, every time I mentioned the snow he immediately responded with a request to go outside and use it. Well, his chance finally presented itself and he took full advantage; coming in after about 30 minutes soaking wet and freezing cold. As winter does around here (shows up out of nowhere to stay) we have snow in the forecast for 2 more time this week. Here’s to a long and fun snow season!


  1. Hooray for all of you! We still haven’t had a first snow down here, but maybe tonight we weill get precipitation with snow mixed in. Or maybe Sunday night.

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