Dance, Dance, Dance

The three (+1) of us, along with a few friends, hit the concert circuit for the first time together…heading to a special family show put on by Michael Franti and Spearhead. It was a mid-afternoon affair that featured a puppet show, a 9-year-old girl from Denver covering the Flobots and the Beatles, and Franti and gang singing some great dancing songs. Unfortunately, the pre-Franti stuff took a lot longer than we anticipated so we had to leave the show after only a few songs because we had a dinner commitment.

The show was scheduled at the exact same time as Ezra’s nap normally occurs, so we were anticipating some difficulties with the sleep schedule. While Ezra did have some trouble with being tired, he really did a great job. And when there was good music playing, he was dancing all around. You just can’t stop him from showing off his moves to the world – security be damned (he kept encroaching on the hula hoop area). It was really fun to have Ezra at a concert with us, and has left us anticipating our next good opportunity.

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