We are very excited to announce the arrival of Liam Andreas Bersagel-Briese! He was born this morning (Dec 19) at 0042, weighing in at 8lbs 10oz and measuring 21.25″ long.

Our excitement is slightly tempered by the fact that Liam is facing a big uphill climb right now. After our arrival at the hospital, Ahna progressed from 5cm dilated to 10cm in less than 45 minutes. During delivery, there was a sudden placenta abrubption, resulting in a decreased oxygenated blood flow to the baby for at least several minutes. The delivery quickly turned into a full-blown emergency c-section. Ahna did amazing throughout the entire labor process and especially during the emergency part of the delivery and she is recovering at the hospital as we speak.

Liam has had some major difficulties early with his respiratory drive, and later with concerns for long-term neurologic complications. These bring lots of other issues to play, but the focus is on the long term neurologic outcome. I transferred hospitals with him just a few hours after birth, and we are now at Children’s Hospital in the NICU. They are aggressively addressing the situation using a head-cooling method that will keep him under wraps for 72 hours before we will know much about the future. Currently, his vital signs are good and he is showing good movement. Ahna will hopefully be discharged soon and will then join us at Children’s. We are anticipating being here for a while before all of us can go home.

We are asking for your continued prayers for Liam and for Ahna; as well as all of the love and support that we have come to rely so heavily on.

We also must express our sincere thanks to the staff at Parker, the Flight for Life team, and the staff at the NICU here at Children’s. We are lucky to have these resources available to us.

Updates will be posted to the blog.


  1. First, a hearty congratulations! Yay for boys! Many many continued prayers for all of you! If you need anything Call!

  2. katy gibbs says:

    CONGRATS. thank you for the update here. we are praying with all we’ve got here. Love to all of you.
    Katy, Toby, Davey

  3. Ann Rollins says:

    Oh Oren and Anna- Liam is just beautiful! We are all thinking about you, and know you must be exhilerated and exhausted by this point. We can’t wait to meet your sweet baby boy once he is home and on the upswing. If you need any help with Ezra, while you are on the run to the hospital – or if you just need a break to get some rest; we can help.

    Craig and Ann

  4. my last baby was an emergency c-section, they had to start her heart when she was born… unsure how long she was without oxgen. She was on a respirator and spent a few weeks in the NICU. Today she is a sassy, active 2 year old. It is amazing what modern technology can do!! Our thoughts and prayers are with Ahna and sweet baby Liam. He is SOO cute!!

  5. Congrats! My prayers are with you guys for good reports on Wednesday.

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