Midnight Update

Well, Liam is hanging in there. His vital signs have done really well throughout the day, with a few small – and expected – fluctuations. He is essentially breathing entirely on this own, with the ventilator only supplying a needed extra kick to help with the cooled body temperatures. The cooling therapy that I referred to in the last post and again just now, is a way of cooling the head (and therefore the body) to help slow the re-profusion of the brain. This is studied to help kiddos like Liam who have had a decent amount of time without the proper oxygen. As time moves by and his body is continuing to produce good vital signs, the neurologic future is the clear focus of almost all efforts and concern. It is simply too early to tell what the future holds…even after we get some MRI work done on Wednesday.

We have been blessed with lots of friends and family support – we are constantly reminded how special each of you are to us. We love you all!

I am sorry if this is a little disjointed…I am writing on about 30 minutes of sleep in the past 40 hours. I am going to try to rest this evening and post again tomorrow morning sometime – maybe even a picture or two.


  1. Ann Rollins says:

    Take care of you and get some rest. Call us (seriously – we’re here through the holidays) if you need ANYTHING.


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