Morning Picture

Not much news to report this morning, other than Liam did pretty well through the night. He did have a small period of time when his temperature got a little below the target range; but after working through that, and between Liam and the staff, they have found the perfect balance of everything to keep the temp exactly where they want it to be. He was also awake quite a bit through the night, which has been fun to see and has made some of our interaction a little more personal.

Ahna continues to recover well and is looking to get out of bed and moving around a lot more today. We are still hopeful that she will be able to join us tomorrow.

More updates later today.


  1. What a sweet little peanut! He looks like Ezra in the picture! I am sending Liam, Ahna, and you strength, courage,love and hope from Seattle! Xoxo

  2. What a beautiful boy! I’m hoping and praying for good health for Liam — and for all of you.

  3. I can’t believe how much he resembles his big brother! Love and prayers to you all.

  4. I second that Liam does look like Ezra! I am so glad to hear he’s doing well! WE continue to pray for all 4 of you! Many blessings!

  5. The Goldfeder Family says:

    Nothing but prayers and bestest (that IS proper English 🙂 wishes for little Liam and the ENTIRE family as well as the entire medical team.
    Keep fighting hard and keep doing well little man, we’ve got fires to go to!!
    Billy & Teri G & our Family

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