Movin’ Rooms

This evening’s update is highlighted by an unexpected and very welcome move to a private room. We were in a space that, for lack of better terms, is like a cubicle – walls that don’t go all the way to the ceiling, no door, etc. We were on the waitlist for a room and as recently as this afternoon were told that it could be 2-3 days. However, when we returned from a quick dinner in the cafeteria, the nurses told us that a room opened up and we were off! 6 people, 5 machines, 1 Liam, 1000 cords, and 30 hallway feet later we were in our new digs. The new room is 3 times the space that we had before and features a good place to sleep for me and a bathroom (so I don’t have to walk the hallway anymore). Yea!

Now to the more specific Liam-based update. Today was a good day. He pretty much maintained the status quo – which is exactly what everyone is looking for. Late last night he experienced some possible small seizures, so he was put on some anti-seizure meds today. Today also brought the very first step in weening off of the blood pressure medicine, a small decrease in the amount. He tolerated it well, and will likely get a little more off of it tomorrow. His temperature continues to sit well, as do all of his other vital signs.

Ahna continues to improve and I continue to be impressed by her. It’s been really hard to be at a different hospital, and she has done really well in focusing on her recovery as well as getting things going for Liam. She is pumping and getting a good supply happening, which will be really great to have as soon as Liam is ready to start eating. We continue to be hopeful that she will be discharged in the morning, and we can be together up here by the afternoon.

One last thing before the pictures…I gotta brag for a second. We have had a lot of love and support over the past near-two days, so much in fact that I would never be able to acknowledge everyone in the ways that they should be acknowledged. But I am going to publicly call out the Deputy Chief of my department. Chief Croom took time away from his family and visited Ahna and I this afternoon, then continued up the road all the way to Children’s and visited with my Dad and Liam. It’s a gesture that not only tells me a lot about Chief Croom individually, but about the tone that our department has set and the priorities that they see at the top (one of the on-duty ambulance crews even stopped by late last night after transporting a patient here). I have never felt more confident that I am working in the best fire department in the country. The family of the fire service is strong, alive and well – and everyone else should be jealous of it.


  1. Alex Colvin says:

    Sounds good…good vibes coming your way. Thanks for all the updates.

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