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Holy crap, that alarm goes off a lot. Interestingly, it’s due to a good thing….it means that Liam is drawing more O2 than the ventilator supplies, which is due to his really strong respiratory performance. BUT, since he has to be on the ventilator while he is intubated for this cooling procedure, the alarm goes of all day, all night, and all between. It’s my middle of the night grip.


  1. This baby comes from an incredibly strong family and all of you will come through this together. All will be fine – I know it.

  2. CJ Haberkorn says:

    Oren, Sorry to hear that you are having complications with Liam. Congratulations on the goft of your new man! My Niece is at Childrens right now recovering from open heart surgery. I am going to be there today and would love to come by and say Hi. What room are you guys in? My prayers are with you bro, my kids were in the NICU for 2 weeks 2 years ago and I cannot tell you enough about how great those people are. Liam is in great care!!!! Let me know or I will look you up when I get there.

  3. Sorry we couldn’t stay longer yesterday! I would have loved to have seen Liam and given Ahna some love, too. We’re in Portland praying for you!

  4. jENNIFER dAVIS says:

    ya hoo! way to go on the heavy breathing mr. liam! looks like he will take after his mom in that respect. x’s and o’s to everybody!

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