A Little Less Stuff

Today’s been a day realizing that our daily activities have taken on a new normalcy….and frankly, we are missing our old one right now. Don’t read into that – it just means that we are missing our house, our food, our bed, our shower, our cars, our Ezra etc. Ezra was able to come up and visit with us for a while in the NICU waiting lounge (ps – turns out that kids aren’t allowed to even be above the 1st floor of the hospital without special permission right now. We got told.) where we had a lot of fun just being together. We played cars, chased each other, rolled around on the floor, looked at the fish…and we both realized how much he seems to have changed in the past couple of days. It seems like his imagination is skyrocketing. Or, he’s actually been able to transcend reality and have discussions with his toy cars.

We had to say goodbye to Kjerstin this afternoon as her visit ended and she made her way back to South Dakota. We have been so thankful to have her here the past couple of days to help with just about everything. Oh, and talk about hitting it off…after a quiet start, Ezra found a new play buddy and didn’t even miss a beat when he was with her.

Liam’s day has been primarily about getting rid of some stuff. First was the cooling cap this morning, then came the brain wave monitor (to be replaced with the EEG stuff soon), out came the foley, and off went the fentanyl. He has opened his eyes a few times, and we even saw him take a big yawn this afternoon; but he is still pretty sedated due to the seizure medication that he is on. He did go down for his MRI late this afternoon, and he did really well by laying perfectly still for them during the imaging. We are hoping to be able to review some results of the MRI this evening, but we aren’t sure yet as to when that might happen. We are hopeful that the possibility of Liam having his breathing tube removed soon still exists, which would then allow us to be able to pick him up, which we haven’t been able to do just yet.

A few Christmas season decorations have found their way into the room, and a few more are soon to follow. We are allowed to decorate the room as we see fit, so long as it doesn’t bring anything potentially dangerous into the NICU…ie: flowers are deemed not allowed here due to the pollen.


  1. Joe & Alexan Allen (Jay's parents) says:

    Oren and Ahna,

    You and Liam are in our prayers. He’s a beautiful looking little boy. We’re glad you got to see Ezra today. He sounds as if he’s a typical two year old. We hope all goes well for Liam and you guys can bring him home soon.

    Joe and Alexan

  2. Rebekah Beam says:

    Hi Guys, Thank you for the upates and the pictures. We love you and are thinking of you constantly — sending our love and prayers. Liam is beautiful.

  3. He looks even better in these pictures. His color is so much better!

  4. Marie Spence says:

    Ahna and Oren,

    I have been praying for little Liam as well as for both of you. He is beautiful and looks a lot like Ezra. Just know I am thinking of all of you.
    Take care,

  5. I hope you get to hold/cuddle your littlest boy soon. I’m sure your arms are yearning for the chance.


  6. Sending love and comfort….

  7. Leigh Ann Dimock says:

    Liam is beautiful!! He has alot to teach us.

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