Warmin’ Up

510 this morning (it seems like a train number, doesn’t it?) marked the end of the 72 hours of cooling. The three hats were taken off, and the rewarm has begun. It should take in the neighborhood of 4-6 hours, but sometimes babies tend to do it a little faster on their own. Only time will tell. The doctor also said that he is still pretty sedated due to the anti-seizure meds and the pain meds, so he might be a little slower than we first anticipated in waking up. They are going to keep Liam on the sedated side till after the MRI is completed since he will have to be completely still for that test. One big time mark and treatment done. Many more to come.


  1. yeah!!!!! he is a cutie. good luck and our love and prayers are with you.

  2. oh, sweet baby. praying for a christmas/hanukkah miracle for your little guy.
    (don’t mean to stalk you guys… i think being pregnant your story just touches my heart even more!) plus, it’s fun to read oren’s stories again… we began our writing careers together. 🙂

  3. Gil & Daphna says:

    Thank you Oren for sharing everything with us .
    You should really consider carreer change, you’re too talented in writing to waste it.
    our thought are with you and we hope for good news . Liam is sooo cute he must be a strong baby.
    kisses to Liam’s gorgeous brother and big hugs to all of you.

  4. You’ll be in our prayers. We’ll be off the grid, so to speak, for a couple of days, and will be eager to see the updates when we return to the internet! love you!

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