During the holiday, the rules at the visitation rules at the entire hospital – and especially the NICU – were relaxed a little to allow for families and siblings to visit (they are pretty strict this time of year due to flu/cold season). Last evening we were able to bring Ezra back into the room to meet Liam for the first time. As we eluded to in the last post, we were a little worried about how Ezra would do in the room full of things that he couldn’t do…but we were wrong. Just before coming into the NICU, I sat down with Ezra and explained that he couldn’t run and couldn’t press any buttons. His response? A remarkably understanding “Ok.”

Once we made our way back to the room, Ezra saw Ahna and gave her a huge hug. We then picked him up so he could see Liam for the first time. The initial sight was a little confusing to him as he just stared taking in everything. Then…it was all good. He started to warm up to Liam by asking questions about the tubing and wires, then touched Liam on the head, arms, and legs. Earlier in the morning, we asked Ezra to pick out a teddy bear to give to Liam, and he chose one that he has had since he was born. We wrapped it together and presented it to Liam. We placed the bear in the corner of Liam’s crib and I asked Ezra to tell Liam what the bear says. He responded by saying that the bear says “I love you.”

Ezra has far exceeded our expectations on how good he is as a big brother (and we had high ones). He is so caring, so careful, so loving, and so concerned. He got excited by the gifts that Liam gave to him, and equally excited about being able to be bedside and touching Liam. He told him goodbye, see you soon, and sleep well. It was one of the most gratifying and emotional experiences a parent could ever ask for.


  1. How precious! I’m glad you had the opportunity to be together as a family — even for a short time. Ezra is an amazing big brother. We think about you all the time.

  2. Of course, Ezra would be a great big brother! You raised him to be that way. I am glad you got to spend time together as a family of four. I miss you. I cried through Christmas service as Father talked about the hope a baby brings into the world…we’re still praying for all of you. love, tori

  3. What a sweet little guy…

  4. Drew Francis says:

    Ahna and Oren,
    We were just able to read all of the recent posts. We are so sorry to hear about the challenges that you have been facing. We can’t fathom the difficulty of your situation. We just want you to know we are thinking of you and praying for strength for your family. Love Drew and Jan

  5. Dana Colvin says:

    We are thinking of you all and praying for you often. Please let us know if there’s anything we can do.
    Hang in there and we love you guys!

  6. Denise Hollowell-Rowan says:

    Ahna, Oren, Ezra, and Baby Liam
    I am not sure what you all need, but know that if you need ANYTHING, please let me know.
    Our thoughts and Prayers go out to you all!!!
    Love to all of you!!!
    Denise, Todd, Dylan and Kamryn :O)

  7. Gary, Linda, Kyle, & Alyson says:

    Very beautiful, moving pictures. You are all in our thoughts and prayers….

  8. Matt and Terri Goudy says:

    Oren, Ahna, Ezra and Liam,

    Merry Christmas to your whole family! We are thinking of and praying for all four of you. I know everyone is offering to help, and we’re throwing our hat in the ring…please let us know if you need anything (watching Ezra, meals, driving you to/from the hospital, etc.). Matt & Terri Goudy

  9. Meg Jacques says:

    What a remarkable big brother! Isn’t is amazing what hope and strength Ezra can give you during this time? You are always in our prayers! Glad you are having time together as a family. xo

  10. Beautiful.

  11. janice olson says:

    Ahna, Oren, Ezra, and Liam,
    The pictures of all of you as a family are beautiful. Oren, you are doing a fantastic job with the updates, thank you. You all are in our prayers. Your strength as a family is amazing and inspirational. Take care and please let me know how I can help.

  12. Deb Hutson says:

    I am thinking of you every moment. Deb Hutson

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