Snuggle Time

Since Liam has been largely disconnected, it has been a lot easier to be able to pick him up on our own. He is still struggling pretty hard with being able to control his own fluids, and there are times when he is better at it than others. We are still learning each day which position he prefers (as it seems to change often), and we were lucky yesterday to have him like laying on us…


  1. Ahna..that’s all the reason in the world to smile…awesome picture!!!!!!!

  2. Ahna – you look radiant!

  3. Mandy Metropolis says:

    Those are beautiful pictures! He’s adorable and you look great! Prayers…

  4. The Bates Family says:

    Such a happy looking mama!

  5. Sarah Winter says:

    Thank you for sharing the journey. Love to you all (and your parents too)

  6. zukowskico says:

    The pictures are beautiful. What wonderful moments, thank you for sharing them with us. Many prayers and hugs to you!

  7. katy gibbs says:

    ahna, you are glowing. nothing quite like your baby sleeping on you, is there? may you and oren both have many more moments like this.

  8. Jessica Cardenas says:

    What beautiful pictures. Liam is absolutely darling…a little piece of God. It’s good to see your glowing smile, too. Sending all our love.

  9. Steve Thayer says:

    Ahna and Oren…I just had to comment that the picture of Liam laying on Ahna is the most beautiful picture. I am so heartbroken for you yet Anha’s smile is so comforting. You guys are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

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