We are really grateful for nurses that push us….and tonight we experienced a definite upside of that encouragement with our first walk with Liam. When we were first asked about taking him out on a walk, we were a hesitant yes…but we also didn’t have a stroller that we could use (we only have one that is a car seat clip in frame, and one that is for kids out of an infant seat). But this didn’t deter our nurse. She called us back on her day off and told us that she would bring in her stroller from home. So, excuses all used up, the stroller came in today with our nurse and we found time to take him out and about just before dinner. It did require bringing along the medication pole which forced a slower pace, but we made a loop around the NICU and a couple loops around the 4th floor. Moments of normal things, even in non-normal settings, are cherished.


  1. zukowskico says:

    Thanks again for keeping us updated. The picture of Liam with his eyes open, is wonderful! So glad you took the walk with Liam. Many Blessings!

  2. Meg Jacques says:

    Love that you were able to do something “normal” today!! The picture of Liam with his eyes open is just darling! Thinking of you all the time, and still praying for you daily… you are truly amazing. Much love coming your way.

  3. I am so happy you received a bit of normalcy. Way to go on going out on a walk! The picture of Liam with his eyes open is completely priceless.

  4. Kathy Davis says:

    Yes, we are out here waiting to hear the latest and our hearts are with you. Remember to take care of yourselves too.

  5. Hope Cassel says:

    Such beautiful pictures. I’m glad you were able to have Liam’s baptism, naming ceremony, and the walk about. Thank you for sharing.

  6. kim Scott says:

    Hello, I am adam and tallie gallegos mom kim, I have been following your daily log on Liam, my thoughts are with you every day, Liam is absolutly beautiful,Thank you for sharing your story with all.

  7. Katy Gibbs says:

    Love those beautiful open eyes.

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