More Than Co-Workers

I’m not sure how to go about saying thank you in a way that would actually convey how we feel about the friends and family we have at CTE and at the CRFD. I will freely admit that I think that what the fire service family offers is rarely if ever found in other places – but we have found one of those places at Ahna’s school. The outpouring of support and offers of help that we have received from both places is a stark reminder about the greatest parts of a community and a humbling reminder of how good of friends that we have. You guys are an inspiration to us and it’s our hope that we are able – in some way or some how – to pay this back in the future.

Here are a couple of pictures from this morning (if you click on them, it will take you to a large size).


  1. Stephanie Lerner says:

    We love you guys!!! Keep your heads up!!!

  2. Herb & Judy Long says:

    All of our family has you in their thoughts and prayers. We thank God for Liam’s successes. No breathing tube, eyes open, loving grandparents, a special brother, remarkable parents, nurses and friends who hold him in their hearts everyday. Thank you for the updates!!

  3. I just realized Liam is off oxygen..,.yeah
    And he has the cutest eyes

  4. You have paid all love and support in advance, over and over again. You and Ahna are tender, loving and giving children of our Loving Creator. Rest in the arms of all who love you and treasure each moment together.

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