Hijacked: How To Help

ed. note: We post this at a request of a dear friend of ours who has asked to take over the blog for a posting. Asking for help is something that we don’t do well, and even though there have been tons of offers – all of them deeply appreciated – sometimes it’s just hard to accept. We ask that you read the post, and do as you please with the information. The only thing that we definitively request of you, is that you continue to keep the texts and e-mails coming….we rely on them to get through. So without further ado: we proudly present only the second guest post in the three year history of the blog.

Many of you have asked how you can show your support for Liam and his family as they continue on this journey. We have taken over their blog today to give you some information about how to help. There is a fund set up at 1st Bank of Colorado. You can go to any branch and tell them the following information and make a direct donation to the family:

The Liam Bersagel-Briese Benefit Fund in care of Ahna and Oren Bersagel-Briese

You can also make a donation directly to Children’s Hospital in Liam’s name by clicking here. If there is a place to note that the donation is made in honor of Liam, please put it there.

As friends that truly care about Ahna, Oren, Ezra, & Liam, anything we can do to help make this experience just slightly easier will be worth it. Thank you in advance for your generosity. Any funds that are collected and not used for medical expenses will be re-directed to Children’s Hospital in honor of Liam.

Address for the 1st Bank in Castle Rock: 2 Plum Creek Parkway, Castle Rock, CO 80104. Phone: 303-688-5000

Web site listing 1st Bank locations: https://www.efirstbank.com/customer-service/find-location-list.htm


  1. Phil Abernethy says:

    I love the photos of Liam, Carrie and I will definatley keep you all in our prayers. God is good and you have a great little boy there. Little Liam is surrounded by a great family. Love you guys and miss you lots,

    Phil and Carrie

  2. Sarah Kipling Lightner says:

    Can you share an address for out of towners.

  3. SO glad to get this info! You are so much a part of our family’s prayers and thoughts (Anthony’s 3 sisters pray for “Liam and his family” EVERY night)! While we know prayers are the best help we can offer, it also helps very much to do something tangible for all of you. The photos have been priceless and when I look at Liam on-line, I see a precious cherub straight from heaven. Anthony would LOVE to have Ezra over for some play time (including lunch/nap time if that would help you out). PLEASE…let me know if you/Ezra would like that. We live in Parker very close to Peggy. You can email me or contact Peggy for my contact info. God bless and keep all of you!

  4. Thanks for posting the information. Our family continues to pray for your family and keep you close in our hearts. Wishing you many blessings and much love.

  5. Shelly Rettmer says:

    Oren and Ahna-I need you to know that my heart aches for you, as I am very familiar with Liam’s injury; however, I am encouraged to see those big beautiful brown eyes and his increased level of alertness! I know you are receiving top notch care and are amongst the true experts. I am so happy to see the music therapy started. I understand it is hard to request help, but in the future and when you are ready, I would love to help in anyway I am able! Although, I have not been diligent about expressing my thoughts to you, please know that you are in my prayers daily! Many hugs!

  6. Sarah Leonard says:

    Thanks for allowing the hijack – it’s nice to know of all the ways we can support you!

  7. Hey you two. Glad you are letting others help. Please seriously consider Jamie’s proposal. He came up with it on his own about a week ago and has been waiting for the right time to ask. We continue to love you from a distance and pray for you incessantly.

  8. Mark and Lisa Raker says:

    Despite the snow on the east coast – you get all of our prayers and thoughts – We’re wishing you all peace and comfort

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