A Family Of Aspens

We are blessed to be surrounded by some pretty talented people. Some of them are gear heads, some are tech geeks, some are musicians, some are outdoorsy, some are politically motivated, some are just plain cool, and some are artsy. A good friend of ours is one of those artsy types, and has an amazing talent for painting. We have been fortunate to have received several other pieces of her art over the years (if you ever come to our house, all of them are proudly displayed) including some pieces that you might know about: the art from our wedding invitation and the art from Ezra’s baby shower invitation.

So as we got closer to Liam’s due date, we reached out to her and asked her to do another painting. The art that she has done specifically with our family in mind has been centered on a Colorado staple: the aspen tree. For our wedding, the drawing was of an aspen tree with our initials carved into it. For Ezra’s shower, it was two aspen trees with a sapling growing between them. And now, in the best piece yet, there are the three trees from before (Ezra’s just a little older) and a new one for Liam. Perhaps my favorite part of the painting is the rest of the grove that surrounds the four trees….our extended family and friends. I don’t know how to describe the amount of time, effort, and thought that goes into a painting like this one; other than to use the word ‘love.’ Thank you, Erin!



  1. Great picture. Your friend really is talented.

  2. What an amazingly beautiful piece of art…and such a touching tribute to your family. You are both amazing people. No wonder you have such a loving, caring network of people surrounding you. I hope you are able to find comfort in that during this difficult journey.

  3. Seriously. That is gorgeous, but it is all the more gorgeous knowing the back story. Love you.

  4. What wonderful symbolism in the trees. For me, the out-or-doors bring a sense of peace, breathing space and strength – may my vision of the trees be one that you sense each time you see it or close you eyes and see it inside your head. hugs

  5. How beautiful! I look forward to seeing it in your home for years to come. We light a new candle of hope for your family today (the other one burned down the night before our drive up, and my fire fighter instinct said not to light another knowing we’d be gone two day). Love you!

  6. What a beautiful contribution, Erin!


  1. […] treated to several handmade gifts for Liam since he has been here. We posted about a blanket, a painting,  and a hat (on second thought, maybe we haven’t mentioned the hat yet, so I will work on a […]

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