A Quick PM Update

Liam is resting comfortably as we talk. Which is part of a recent trend…he is sleeping a whole lot more and his awake time is substantially less during the past two days than it has previously been. There are several theories on why this might be happening, so it’s a matter of sorting through them and figuring out what might actually be causing the tiredness. By and large, his vitals signs remain mostly stable – with a few hiccups in his heart rate that have self corrected with time. The heart rate issue is a new one, again unsure of the reason, but might be related to the sleepiness.

Ahna and I have taken turns visiting home during the last couple of days, and we are hopeful to both make the journey tomorrow sometime if Liam stabilizes enough to make us comfortable in leaving for a few hours. Otherwise, we have spent this cold and snow spell mostly inside and warm – and not complaining about it like everyone on the east coast (sorry friends, but the news coverage is getting old). Also on that note, I saw a satellite picture of the US this morning that showed that every state but one has snow on the ground. Weird. Click here to find out who doesn’t.


  1. Con&Sandi Rettmer says:

    Talked to Matt today as he was taking his sister Stacy to the airport,and told him that we have been keeping track of Liams progress through your blog.I have also talked to Dave Abernathy in Mpls.and he and Betty as well as Sandi and I keep you in our prayers.

  2. I dig that blankie with orange and brown! Hope you were both able to enjoy Ezra today. I thought of you while in CO and passing through Castle Rock. loveyoumeanit

  3. We are keeping you all our thoughts and prayers. We like reading the blog and the boys like seeing the pictures of Liam and the family. Thanks for keep us updated. Love to you all. Call if you need anything, or if you don’t still call.

  4. We love you so very much . . .

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