Reality Vs Reality

I know that we have talked about it before, but as I selected the photos for this evening’s posting, I again realized that there are two different colliding worlds in existence right now: one that is easily visible and one that is not. We can lay with Liam or look at the photos and see something completely different than what is actually happening inside of him. The photos and video show one side of that equation, but you can unfortunately rest assured that things aren’t as good as they appear: on top of what he has already faced, the struggles and issues that were mentioned in yesterday’s posting have continued today. Last evening and again this evening proved to be rough for Liam, and we are searching for how to help him through this. We are also searching for how to get through this ourselves, as we are sometimes helpless to the limits of body and medicine. As a parent you just want to make things better and take all the difficulties away…unfortunately there are times when you can’t do either and you are forced into doing only the most basic of things – like loving your child by wrapping your arms around him and holding on tight.


  1. You are both so amazing. And your photography is amazing as well. Hugs to you tonight. We are a phone call away if you need us.

  2. Stephanie Lerner says:

    Thinking of you all and applauding your bravery and honesty….

  3. Love both photos in this post! Sending love your way.

  4. zukowskico says:

    Sending you cyber hugs! We are out here for you, sending you our love!

  5. Tracy Henderson says:

    Liam is beautiful and the pictures are so very touching. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Please know we are thinking about you….

  6. I don’t miss a day of your post and enjoy so much the beautiful pictures of that little Liam!! Our families are keeping your family in our prayers as always!!

  7. These pictures really do show what your saying…he looks like such a perfect little boy, but…the eality is. We love you guys and wish there was more we could do. Be strong and enjoy enjoy other. You all have taught us alot and helped us realize many things things

  8. Gina McGrail says:

    Your little Liam is so beautiful and precious! Lots of love to you all! God Bless!

  9. We love you and think about you often. Your babies are precious!

  10. What lovely pictures! They brought tears to my eyes especially in the context of your post. I looked up the meaning of Liam: Resolute Warrior, Will/Protection. How wonderful that even though Liam and you all are struggling with difficult issues, we know that he is experiencing love. Love you all!

  11. Saw another happy deer running across the baseball field after I picked up Lydia from daycare today. I thought of Liam and smiled. (loving thoughts always from Lindsay, Lydia, and Andreas)

  12. I wish you peaceful and restful sleep tonight. I love you.

  13. wrapping our arms around you.
    Gil and Daphna

  14. Katy Gibbs says:

    sending a continuous flow of love and thinking of your family constantly

  15. Skeith Family (Former Student of Ahna) says:

    We continue to pray for your family during this challenging time. God couldn’t have choosen a better family for Liam to join. Your continued courage and strength is contagious to all those around you!

  16. Linda Berg says:

    What a beautiful baby; thank you for sharing him with us.

  17. kim Scott says:

    I awake every morning thinking of liam,I look and the post and pictures and my thoughts and prayers our with you.

  18. Carol Wittenberg says:

    Know, always, that you are all in our prayers. Continue to hold tight to that beautiful baby Liam.

  19. Dee and Eric says:

    Holding on tight to hope. Love you guys.

  20. Thinking of you guys, and hoping that Liam doesn’t have as hard of a time as he has the last few days.

  21. Loretta Anderson says:

    Tears sting my eyes as I read this post. I too don’t ever miss a post and see more everyday how precious this little angel baby is. What a blessing your whole family is to this life. Thank you for sharing & keeping us posted. You are covered in prayers daily.

  22. Sue Morgan says:

    Oren and Ahna- We continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers.

  23. Ashley and Tauno says:

    What beautiful pictures. You are in our thoughts and in our hearts. If there is anything we can do, just let us know.

  24. Pat & Lowell says:

    What a beautiful baby! You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. You are a part of an awesome, caring family. Your strength and the love for each other, plus the support and love of family and friends will help you through these days. You are in my prayers. Sending you much love, Pat

  25. Heather Nienow says:

    Liam is so beautiful and these are beautiful pictures. Thinking of you every day – and continuing to pray for you all. God loves little Liam so much (& all of you)!

  26. Shawn and Amy says:

    Thinking of you all! Feel the warmth? We are wrapping our arms around you!!!

  27. another touching post… how beautifully you share your thoughts, Ahna and Oren, as Liam’s life unfolds each day. Gazing upon Liam’s photo just now, I had a thought that Liam reminded me of your father, Oren! Something reminded me of him no matter how fleeting! Was very cool! As all of the warms thoughts of love, hugs, and support are posted, I second all of those encouraging sentiments. πŸ™‚

  28. Life captured in photos… how beautiful are photographs you share…and looking at Liam, there is something that reminds me of your father, Oren!!

    Hugs from Gettysburg… πŸ™‚

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