Strange Images In The Room

No deep, emotional, medical based posting here. Just a few pictures and a few thoughts that present themselves when you have the chance to sit in the same room with the same people for weeks on end.

Thought/Observation: when you are getting on an elevator that you have selected to go down from the 2nd floor, is it necessary to look at the buttons when you step in? Seriously, where else could you possibly be going? Next time you ride an elevator, watch people…it’s almost a 100% thing. 2nd floor going down? Look at the buttons.

Thought/Observation: green means good and red means not good. At least this is the standard societal understanding of these colors. However, here at Children’s it’s somehow backwards. There are two different stickers you get when you come and visit depending on whether the patient is in isolation or not – you guessed it, one is red and one is green. Turns out that some bizarre thought pattern allowed for the green sticker to be assigned to those in isolation and the red sticker to those with little or no visitation restrictions. It’s backwards and even after three weeks + here, it still confuses me.

Next thought: It would be nice to own a company that makes casters. Seems like you could make a living just selling to hospitals.

Forced observation: it’s good to be reminded every once in a while (not by choice) that taking a cold shower can be shocking and refreshing at the same time….and that you need only a few short minutes to clean your body when faced with a time crunch.

Final observation: like looking at the clouds, you stare at something long enough and familiar images start to appear – like a city skyline on the floor.


  1. Linda and Ray says:

    Thank you for sharing beautiful Liam with us. Thank you also for sharing your observations and feelings as you and Ahna navigate through each day. We appreciated the “Hijacked” posting which gives us a concrete way to show we care. Know that prayers are with you, Ahna, Ezra, and Liam!

  2. i went to my 30 week ob appointment today and i thought again of your little family. i know that god is holding y’all (i live in tx, it’s proper) in his hands. my heart is with you.

  3. omg, that “casters” observation is hilarious! looks like you could just roll yourselves completely out or around if the need arose!! mobility is underappreciated 😉
    keep laughing!

  4. You are awesome parents! We admire your strength. We continue to pray for both of you and your families.

  5. Drew Francis says:

    Liam is a beautiful boy!
    Love Drew and Jan Francis

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