4 Weeks Old

Four weeks ago today we woke up at home wondering if a baby was ever going to come. Ezra was five days late, so as the due date had already come and gone, we anticipated another long few days. Turns out we had no idea what the following 24 hours would bring and how it would so dramatically change our lives. So here we sit, 28 days later still wondering what each day will bring.

Every day at any moment carries with it a unique and sometimes unexpected set of challenges. Sometimes they are emotional ones and other times they are physical ones. They always seem to come with little or no warning and they always seem to take a lot out of us. Liam’s day yesterday was filled with the same up and down inconsistency that has defined the previous few days. Earlier yesterday, his heart rate was all over the place, and then that was replaced last evening with his oxygen levels doing the same thing. He also naps a lot – and has become more lethargic than we have seen since he was brought out of some of the early on sedation. We continue to search for the answers to all of this, and the staff is working hard to help us out.


  1. we are so sorry for the emotional roller coaster that your are facing. He is a beautiful little boy and we appreciate all that you are sharing with us

  2. Answers are elusive and this makes your daily life so much more confusing and frightening. A sense of calm is wonderful to hold on to – but ever so difficult to achieve sometimes. Cling tight to each other and breathe in the tremendous love that surrounds you from all who love you.

  3. Praying you continue to feel God’s presence amid the blessings and struggles of each day.

  4. Meg Jacques says:

    I continue to pray that you are able to find moments of peace in these confusing and emotional times. You are amazingly strong, and you are surrounded by people who support and love you. Keep holding on to one another.

  5. We continue to think of you all the time & hope you are able to find continued strength & courage in each other, family, friends & God during this difficult time. Hugs & love to you all!

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