A Lot In One Post…

I had meant to write a posting yesterday, and just didn’t get around to it….in the morning, I took the opportunity to go down and take Ezra swimming – something that we haven’t done since Liam was born and something that we normally do on at least a weekly basis. Then the afternoon just sort of flew by with visitors and holding Liam. So in place of a post yesterday and one this morning, you get something jumbo sized.

We have been treated to several handmade gifts for Liam since he has been here. We posted about a blanket, a painting,  and a hat (on second thought, maybe we haven’t mentioned the hat yet, so I will work on a photo of that….or if it has been mentioned, I can’t find the post) that he was previously given, and this time we are posting about two other things that people have graciously given to him. So the first item is a cape…yup a cape! One of our friends gave it to him because “every boy needs a cape.” How right she is. It was handmade by a friend of our friend at a place called Happily Home Sewn, and features a big ‘L’ on top of an Aspen leaf/tree. It’s perfect.

The second item is a new sweater for the colder days when we take Liam on a walk outside – or just to keep him warm and cozy inside. It was made by one of our nurses, and is equally a perfect balance of color, fashion, and function. It so obvious to tell that these items come from such loving places, and we are so happy to be able to share them with you.

Okay, next item: Matthew came in town and surprised us with an arrival a full day earlier than expected (and looking quite professorial, if I might add). We are again reminded of the amazing family that we have surrounding us.

Here is a follow-up photo to the ‘Hold Your Hand’ posting, and another great photo by Ahna (she’s getting really good at that).

And finally, here is a photo of the hospital that I took last evening. I have been meaning to go and take a shot at sunset for a few weeks, and just got around to it yesterday. It’s a five-shot compilation using the HDR technique.


  1. Wow! Beautiful pics! A great shot with Matthew…and what a great surprise of him! I hope you are basking in the love of your family. We all love love love you!

  2. Diana Linden says:

    I check your blog everyday to see how you are…how Liam is. So glad to know you have so much love and support. We continue to send our thoughts and prayers your way.

  3. O and Ahna,

    Great pic of Matthew….we (Doug K, John G and I) actually ran into him at Starbucks on Friday…thanks for saying hello to us.

    Great pics once again…I think you should as Children’s for a little ‘kick back’ and let them use the pic of the hospital….Good promo photo for them!!

    Thinking of you often…

  4. You have a wonderful family and are loved by many! The cape is fabulous! Much love to you all!

  5. Shawn and Amy says:

    Every boy does need a good cape! You are amazing people who are loved by many. Sending some super powers your way!

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