A Walk Outside

The walk outside actually took place a few days ago (since then, it’s snowed), I just forgot to put a photo of it up on the blog. We made a quick break for the sunshine in the late afternoon, only to be met with cooler-than-expected temps and an increasing wind. Since the commitment had already been made to the outdoor trip, we toughed it out long enough to get some photos and get some sun on Liam’s face. It was a bit liberating for the three of us to be somewhere other than the room together. The other photo is also from a few days ago and just didn’t fit neatly into a previous post…

Liam’s medical condition…the more they stay the same, the more things change. With a prognosis like he has received, there really isn’t going to be any change to the diagnosis of injury. The daily stuff, however, continues to be of great concern and we are now officially worried about the direction that things have headed. His heart rate is still all over the place – at times in the 60s and at times in excess of 160. His breathing follows similar pattern – at times as low as 10 and at times in excess of 50 breathes per minute; and we have even increased one of the medications is was on for seizures. Being all over the place is placing us in a constant state of concern, and while there are moments that things are more stable than others, it’s still quite a ride. There are no two ways around the elephant in the room: Liam has a massive brain injury and he is very sick. We are just trying to sort through the rough and make the best of the calm.


  1. I so wish that elephant wasn’t in the room. Hoping for more calm for all of you and thinking of you guys every day.

  2. sending you strength and love …

  3. Stephanie Lerner says:

    Sending you all love and support

  4. Elephants and uncertainty can be very unsettling. Keep holding on to the love and support you share. You are deeply loved. Know how very much many, many people have you in their thoughts and prayers.

  5. I read your blog daily and am praying for you all. Thank you for all of the updates and pictures. What a precious child! My heart breaks for you all as you walk this path. May love sustain you.

  6. Thinking of you all and sending out many waves from my heart to yours. I am sure these ups and downs must be very difficult on you guys and very draining. I know everyone who knows you wishes they had a magic wand for you but in the absence of that I hope you continue to gain strength, support and comfort from your community and the amazing partner it is evident that you have in each other.

  7. thinking about you everyday! huge hugs for everybody, especially ezra for being such a good big brother. you’ve raised an incredible little boy (thinking of the last few posts) & i hope he brings you the joy you need as liam is struggling. this is incredibly tough, but thank you for letting us be a part of the journey each day via the web! love you all.

  8. katy gibbs says:

    this continued stress must be so hard on all of you. even if a teeny bit, i hope it helps to know so many of us love you and pray for all of you every day. hold onto each other. ask for what you need.
    love and hugs, katy

  9. Amy Kaylor says:

    We are thinking about you all the time and praying for you everyday.

  10. Love to you all. I hope the walk was refreshing and provided some good change. As always you are in our prayers daily and never far from our thoughts.

  11. Christy Myers says:

    With you in thought and prayer on the journey…

  12. Glad to see you guys got outside..what a breath of fresh air (pun intended).

    Wish there was more we all could do for you guys…Love to you all!

    Lindsey and Peyton love the pics of Ezra and Liam…keep them coming!! Hang in there..we are all here for you!!

    Love ya
    Matt R.

  13. We haven’t met, but I want you to know that I and countless others unknown to you are praying for your entire family–for strength, peace, love, and even joy in this heartbreaking journey.

  14. Kim Shannon says:

    Our prayer is for peace and strength for you all.

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