1 Month!

As uncertain as the future is, there isn’t an opportunity missed to have a celebration of any sort of achievement. Tonight’s party was to mark Liam’s one month birthday, and family joined in the fun. Earlier, Ahna and I decorated the room and promptly received lots of looks from staff as they wandered by for the rest of the day – most of them with smiles attached (they are used to this sort of thing here). For the dessert, we took the ultra-trendy route of providing cupcakes – but that’s because it’s easier in the hospital, not because it’s trendier. Also, since any sort of open flame is roundly frowned upon in oxygen rich environments, an alternative was required. Tongue depressors and crayons to the rescue. Several group sing-a-longs later, we commenced some present opening (had one or two for Ezra too), and then some cupcake eating. It’s these sort of moments where a little bit of life begins to creep back in…then you eat a cupcake with your nurse. At the hospital. In the NICU.


  1. Meg Jacques says:

    Happy one month birthday Liam! We love you!!! xo

  2. oh, sweet baby, your family loves you so much! One month old and you are learning all about cupcakes, streamers, and the celebration of life! Hugs, sweet baby and Happy One Month Birthday! 🙂

  3. Stephanie Lerner says:

    Happy 1 month birthday Liam…it looks like you were surrounded in love!!! Sending much love your way little one.

  4. Barb & Terry Fuller says:

    What a neat celebration!! You all continue to be in our prayers and thoughts dailey. We follow your posts and enjoy the pictures. Give everyone a hug for us.

  5. Happy 1 month birthday, Liam! He’s so beautiful. What a wonderful celebration…you are a beautiful family…and Ezra is such a sweet boy!

  6. How fun! Did I see big brother reading to Liam? Precious…especially the page the picture captured! Happy one month, Mr. Liam! We love you.

  7. Happy one month birthday, Liam! What a special celebration. Today I saw a tenderness in Ezra that I have not seen before. When Aubrey (a 6 month old) was fussing, Ezra stroked her face and comforted her. This morning when he was the oldest (Big Man On Campus), he totally led the little guys and had all kinds of suggestions of things to play. He had an awesome day capped off by a wonderful birthday party. Ahna and Oren, you know how to make every moment special!! Hugs to you all! Peggy

  8. Birthday hugs and blessing to all! As always the pictures are heartwarming, beautiful and sometimes such wonder fun!

  9. Happy Birthday wishes to Liam! He is so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring and loving family. You are always in our prayers.

  10. Happy Birthday Liam! It looks like a great celebration. I am thinking of all of you!

  11. Katy Gibbs says:

    Happy One Month to you, Happy One Month to you,Happy One Month dear Liam, Happy One Month to you!
    Those cupcakes look yummy 🙂 glad you got to have a little fun.

  12. What a wonderful celebration! You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers every day.

  13. You Bersagel-Brieses sure know how to have a good time, regardless of the situation! Happy 1 Month (+ a day) Birthday Liam. Love to you all.

  14. George & Krista says:

    Happy birthday Liam! We are thinking of you always!

  15. Christy Myers says:

    Happy 1 month birthday Liam! You are quite the little cupcake 🙂

  16. I love the one month birthday and the creativity with the tongue depressors–kudos to whoever came up with that one. I hope the cupcakes tasted as good as they look in the pictures. I am continually impressed by the way you guys seem able to set aside the rest of the world for a bit and soak in these bits of joy. Liam continues to be such a lovely baby for your camera lens.

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